The Last Summer

"It was in memory of the sweetest time in my life. Long lazy days with my brother, sand in our toes, laughter through an open window. A time before I truly understood how unfair life could be. That was the summer of my first bikini, my first kiss, my first love, the last summer."
Spend a summer in Virginia with Samantha and Daniel. Get sand in your toes, breathe in the salty air and explore the strip at the ocean front. Have your first kiss at the Strawberry Festival in Pungo or stroll hand in hand along Sandbridge Beach.

The Last Summer is a character driven story that takes you through the events of Samantha's last summer vacation with her older brother, Daniel. It's a summer of first love, heartbreak and family secrets.

Filled with humor and heartache, it takes the reader on Sam's journey of loss and discovery and ultimately lets her shine as the heroine.

Available in paperback, for Kindle and as an audiobook, through Audible and iTunes.

"There, to my horror was my brother, clad only in his Nike workout shorts, hanging from his pull-up bar."
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Thank You, Ms. Graham

 "This vase was once broken, but when placed in the right hands, it was made beautiful again, just like you.” Micah watched as Cassie teared up. “I want you to put this where you will see it every day, I want it to serve as a reminder to you. You are beautiful and unique, you are whole and perfect in my eyes.” He told her.

Micah Berkman has a successful dental practice in Virginia, a beautiful daughter, Alley, and a crumbling marriage to Corrine. Cassie Graham has at teaching job that she adores, a broken engagement, and a past that she can’t speak of. Apart they were broken, but together they would be made whole.

With Alley’s recent Asperger’s diagnosis, Micah is anxious about the upcoming school year. He prays her new teacher will be her saving grace. Luckily for both of them, Alley has been assigned to Ms. Graham’s class. Micah would have no way of knowing, but Ms. Graham will turn out to be the answer to his prayers in more ways than one.

When Micah meets Ms. Graham, she has a warmth and kindness that has been missing in his life. Micah is equally attracted to Cassie, physically. Thoughts of her voluptuous figure began to keep him up at night. There is an obvious attraction between them, but Cassie is fighting her own demons.

A victim of incest, Cassie is broken and unable to trust. The more she tries to push Micah away, the stronger the pull towards them becomes until they end up spending a passion fueled night together. With Micah ready to separate from Corrine, he is free to be with Cassie but her
past is standing in the way of her having a future with the man of her dreams.

What will happen when Cassie listens to her heart and gives Micah a chance? Will his love be strong enough to silence her demons? Thank You, Ms. Graham is part one, of a two-part series

Available in paperback and for Kindle.
A victim of incest, Cassie is broken and unable to trust. The more she tries to push Micah away, With a history of incest and a failed engagement, Cassie Graham is afraid to love again. Thankfully, Micah Berkman isn't your ordinary man.
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“I am Perkele, today. Maybe tomorrow I will be Italian and then you can call me Diavolo. You just happened to meet me on a day that I was Finnish. I can be anything on the outside.” He said, tapping the arm of the chair, bringing attention to his long yellow fingernails.
“You are the devil?” Elliot asked in disbelief.
“That's so boring, put some imagination into it. Satan, Diadoli, Vrag, I could go on, but I feel we have other business.”

When Diane Moore is diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, her husband, Elliot, unwittingly strikes a deal with Perkele, the devil, to ensure she lives a healthy, cancer free life.

After Elliot leaves his fateful meeting, it's as if he and Diane were never married. While Elliot is left with all his memories of Diane and the time they shared, she only recognizes him as her employer.
Unable to win her back and recapture what he once had, Elliot is forced to watch Diane live her life without him. What's worse, he has become the pawn in Perkele's sadistic games.

Left with the decision to go forward with his life and stay away from Diane or escape by suicide, Elliot tries to move on, but how much can one man deal with before he reaches his breaking point?

Available in paperback and for Kindle.
What price would you pay to save a loved one? What would you be willing to sell to keep them from suffering?
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"Madelyn?” Grant asked. Maddie felt her fruit coming up the back of her throat and swallowed hard. He was beautiful. He had on black pants, a black t shirt and black leather jacket, his garment bag slung over his shoulder. His dark hair pulled back in a small man bun, which Maddie despised, but somehow it looked great on him.
"It's Maddie." She said, correcting him. Grant was absolutely mesmerizing in person.

When Officer Steven Thompson is offered a movie deal after diffusing a hostage situation in a clinic, method actor Grant Kovac is hired to portray him. When Grant insist on moving in with the Thompsons to study Steven, they graciously agree, not expecting that Grant will become obsessed with Steven’s wife, Madelyn.

Maddie, a longtime fan of Grants, initially thinks that his behavior is part of his method. She is flattered by the attention, especially since her marriage to Steven is failing due to his depression and PTSD. After Maddie gives in to her desire for Grant while visiting the movie set in California, she soon realizes that he is dangerous and determined to destroy her marriage.

Maddie finds herself torn between Grant, who has already given her something that Steven can’t; or her husband who she made a vow to. When her guilt causes her to choose the latter, Grant makes one things clear, he isn't letting her go, no matter what the cost.

Method is a physiological thriller that allows the reader to see Maddie’s vulnerability and Grant’s fanatic behavior come together to provide an engaging story with a chilling ending.

Available in paperback and for Kindle.
“You can go home to him, but you are mine. You can shower, but I have been on every square inch of your body. You reek of me. You will never get rid of my smell.” Grant said through gritted teeth, before turning around and walking out of the room, slamming the door.
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Healing and the Lotus

"What are you doing?” Julie asked, passing him the coffee. Avery had a spade and was digging in the ground, like a mad man. She watched as he made a small hole and placed a purple butterfly, on the end of a stake, in the ground.  
“It’s the butterfly lights that Hannah wanted. I am going to line the whole front of the house with them so she can find her way home.” He told her. Julie’s eyes filled with tears, it was possibly the most beautiful, yet tragic thing that she had ever heard.
“I want to give you some advice. Don’t expect for things to go back to normal, your normal is gone. It has been gone since the day your little girl disappeared. You need to find your new normal, but that takes time.”
              Detective Darren Burke

Doctor Avery Adams has been battling with his ex-wife, Dana, over the custody arrangement they have for their daughter, Hannah.

When Hannah disappears right out from under Avery’s nose, Dana, along with Avery’s fiancée’, Julie, are by his side as they search for the lovely four-year-old girl.

Detective Darren Burke is sent to head up the
missing person's case. In interviewing Avery and Dana, he is stern and unemotional. Avery is initially turned off by his no-nonsense approach to finding Hannah and feels as though Darren is casting blame on himself and his ex.

When Hannah’s body is recovered from a dumpster, Avery’s world is shattered. He and Dana began to get close again, despite Julie’s warning to him that something about Dana’s behavior isn’t right. When a surveillance video uncovers the identity of the murderer, Avery
is sent into a tailspin. Instead of turning to Julie, he turns to alcohol.

After a suicide attempt, his behavior worsens and only helps to push Julie out of his life. Once she moves out, Avery is left alone to mourn Hannah. Just as he is at his lowest, help comes from the last place he thought possible, Detective Burke. After Darren helps Avery
regain his sobriety, it is then up to Avery to regain his life.

With Julie by his side once more, he begins his journey towards healing. Soon, he starts looking for a sign from Hannah, anything to let him know she is at peace and watching over him. While at the cemetery, he gets his sign, a Lotus flower. Avery soon realizes that Hannah has been there every step of his journey. Looking back, he starts to see all the moments she had been a part of, allowing him to see his own growth and leading him towards the path to healing.

Available in paperback and for Kindle.
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The Tale of the Little Brown Chair

“I am Mr. James, welcome to English 6.” In the corner of that classroom sat a little brown chair, much like the one that Mr. James had sat in when he was younger. The one he was in when he realized that he was not a bad kid at all, he just needed his own work space. In his classroom though that little chair wasn’t called the naughty chair, it was known as the thinking chair.
For a simple piece of furniture, the little brown chair certainly has quite a unique history. From its humble beginnings in an orphanage, to its final home with the Coopers, it has brought joy to many lives.

The Tale of the Little Brown Chair contains three engrossing stories where the much-loved chair is at the center of life changing moments for each
main character.

Follow it on its journey from an orphanage, to a
children's hospital and a school, as each tale unfolds, teaching an important lesson along the way. It is a reminder for the young and the old, that we all hold a purpose and we still have a story to tell.

Available in paperback and for Kindle.
If a piece of furniture has purpose, certainly you must as well. Follow the little brown chair as it enriches the lives of all who use it.
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The 35th Year

I carefully opened the bathroom door and walked across the bedroom. Victor was in bed, reading one of his journals. I was moving so slow, he decided to look up and see what the problem was. 
“Hey there.”  I said, raising my arms over my head, showing off my whip cream bikini before undoing my hair. He put his book down on the night stand; finally, I was getting somewhere. 
“You know I am lactose intolerant.”  He said switching off the light.

Lizzie is thirty-five, trapped in a stifling marriage and suddenly has a gorgeous, twenty-three-year-old falling at her feet. What's a nice girl to do?
Elizabeth Blake, or Lizzie to her friends, had to let go of her identity the day she said, "I do" to Victor. She became a robot that he programmed, the perfect doctor's wife. Everything, from her hair to her clothes, even her long-standing relationship with her best friend Stella, had to go.

Lizzie soon finds herself in slacks and button down shirts and her long chestnut hair tied up in a bun. As for her sex life, even on the two occasions a year that Victor does feel like having sex, it is cold and clinical. Thank God Stella helped Lizzie pick out a vibrator. Longing for more she decides that if Victor doesn't change by her 35th birthday  she is finished living by his rules. He will change, right? After all, what man in his right mind would turn down a whip cream bikini? Oh right, Victor is lactose intolerant.

Luckily for her, Alex, who has just turned 23, isn't, and Lizzie, with a little help from bad girl Stella, is about to catch his eye.

The 35th Year follows Lizzie on her quest for real love and a lot of sexual experimentation; after all, it is normal to have sex in a shed at Lowe's, isn't it? Could something that started off as a minor flirtation, filled with sexual tension, end up being more? Lizzie is about to discover that she has the power to make Alex fall in love with her, she is also about to discover what a Prince Albert is and how satisfying the position 69 can be.

Starting right before her 35th birthday and ending at her 36th, The 35th Year is full of humor, sexual discovery, and an eyewitness account of just how much fun being a bad girl really is.

Currently only available as an audiobook on Audible.
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