My Vision
  In 2015, I suffered a fracture in my personal life. That led to depression. I stopped writing and doing anything productive. Then, in 2016, my husband and I sat down to watch Backtrack, which stars Adrien Brody. That night, I had a vivid dream about him. He was speaking to a lovely woman and had a small child at his side. Later, he went home to his wife, where he appeared to be incredibly unhappy. The dream stayed with me and I eventually made notes and began typing. The result was Thank You, Ms. Graham, my first novel in three years! After that, another novel came to me the same way and I began working on Sold. Soon, I purchased as many of Mr. Brody's movies as I could find. The summer of 2016, I worked on three, separate novels. My writing method is simple, I began using him as my lead male. While this seems odd to some, it has resulted in my best work. I admire him a great deal, he has not only inspired me to write, but has also helped me create quite a few amazing characters.
My long-term goal is to see my work come to life on the big screen. While I haven't attempted screenwriting, I would like to in the future, in attempt to fulfill my dreams. Of course, if ever given the opportunity, I would like to not only thank Mr. Brody, but to work with him as well.