The Wonderment Series

The Birth of Wonderment

I created Wonderment, Virginia because I wanted a New York atmosphere, only smaller and friendlier. Wonderment means a state of awe, that is definitely the theme of this magical place. It is a town where amazing things happen. Enormous acts of forgiveness, daring feats of true love, Wonderment has it all. Each book tells the captivating story of one residents life, one page at a time, one moment of awe that you won’t soon forget. I can’t wait until the first book in this series is released and I can welcome you all to Wonderment. It’s a city you won’t want to leave.
Six years ago, Camilla Parker lost everything when a drunk driver plowed into her car. Today, she has her own bakery, a wonderful collection of friends that she lovingly refers to as her “misfits”, and a hint of closure from her painful past. When Camilla meets Velvel Adler, she is immediately smitten. After all, six years of living the single life is not as glamourous as one might think. She initially turns Velvel’s advances down, but once she gives in and lets herself go, Camilla quickly falls in love with him.

Velvel Adler has been hiding his dark past and it’s slowly killing him. The one person in the world that he cares about is the same person he can’t open up to. If Camilla finds out the truth about his history, she will run in the other direction. As it is, Velvel suffers from night terrors and panic attacks, a constant reminder of who he really is and what he is capable of.

After a birthday celebration for Camilla, Velvel’s demons catch up to him and his identity is revealed. Horrified, Camilla breaks up with him and sinks into a deep depression. Broken and alone, her misfits come to her rescue, eager to put her back together. Just as Camilla begins healing, she is confronted with the truth; she is still in love with Velvel and wants him back. Able to look beyond his mistakes and horrendous past, Camilla teaches Velvel and all who know her, the real meaning of forgiveness.
Olivia Daniels moved to Wonderment, Virginia to escape her abusive husband, Greg. With the help of her best friend, Ashely, she lands a nursing job in the ER. Olivia, finally content, enjoys her quiet life in Wonderment.

Years later though, Greg finds her. Desperate to keep herself safe, Olivia heads to Nassar Armory, hoping to find a weapon for self- defense. What she ends up finding is far from a stun gun, but exactly what she needs.

At six-foot-three, bladesmith Gabriel Nassar isn't easily intimidated; until he meets Olivia. Right away, he knows she is the one woman that can bring him to his knees. Now, if he could just get rid of an overzealous Megan, the woman he met online that desperately wants to be his only love.

Once Gabriel and Olivia become official, Greg becomes bolder in his quest to terrorize her. Fearing for Gabriel's safety, Olivia breaks things off with him. Shortly afterwards, she realizes the lengths that Gabriel will go to protect her.
A Life in Wonderment
Book One
The Last Knight in Virginia
Book Two
“How dare you talk to me about loss. You were right on Thanksgiving Day, we are polar opposites; you are the monster.”
 He was at least six-three, with dark hair and a beard. The sleeves of his black t-shirt rolled up, exposing his muscular arms. It was almost as if he was some rare breed, a beautiful beast.